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Vaskó Panzió★★★

Vaskó Panzió★★★ is located in the center of Tokaj, on Rákóczi street, 100 meter from the confluence of the Tisza and Bodrog, at the foot of the mountain. The accommodation was clompletely renovated in 2019, thanks to the Kisfaludy tourist development program and was awarded a 3-star rating by the Hungarian Tourism Agency. The building has six double rooms with modern equipment, private shower, LCD TV, refrigerator, individually controlled air conditioning.

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Cultural Center, Ferenc Németi City Library

3910 Tokaj, Serház u. 55.
Phone: 06 47 352 003
E-mail: szinhaz@tokaj.hu

Head of institution:
Dr. Fintor Gábor

Program coordinator:
Fincziczki Krisztina
+36 70 330 8734

Technical manager:
Bejó Gábor

Ferenc Németi City Library
Paulay Ede Theater