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Theater hall for rent

Theater hall for rent

The modern theater hall of our institution is suitable for holding genre-diverse performances.

The theater has a two-storey, 298-seat with gallery. An additional 20 seats are available with extra chairs. The room was built using special sound elements, so its acoustics provide the opportunity to perform instrumental and other artistic performances on stage. The modern sound and lighting equipment of the theater satisfies every need. The air-conditioned room is also suitable for congresses, conferences, lectures and interactive exhibitions and screenings. The stage is multifunctional: from theatrical performances to individual performances, it also has a built-in screen suitable for concerts. Ballet rug cover adapted to the dimensions of the stage (10x14m) can also be requested. The front stage has a motorized velvet curtain.

In connection with the events, the possibility of dressing is provided by 4 fully equipped changing rooms.
The rooms serving the stage are also connected to the preparations for the event.
For events in the theater, there is a cloakroom and technical staff.

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Cultural Center, Ferenc Németi City Library

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Bejó Gábor

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